Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that embarking on a major construction project can be daunting for our clients. With that in mind, we are always happy to have a “no obligation” conversation to answer any questions you may have. In the interim, we have compiled a list of questions that we are typically asked by prospective clients.

If your question is not addressed below, feel free to contact us directly at the number or email indicated in the Contact Page; we will ensure you receive answers you can have confidence in.

Residential Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can provide a complete ‘clef en main’ service if required. Our expertise supports the entire project lifecycle, from project feasibility studies, initial conceptual design and permitting, through all stages of construction to completed landscape architecture.

We take great pride in the fact that we project manage all our projects directly with Le Groupe Venise staff. We assign an experienced project management professional to each of our projects. We do not subcontract this critical project responsibility.

In terms of luxury residential construction, we intentionally limit ourselves to 1-2 concurrent projects. This, we believe, is critical in terms of delivering world-class customer service. In terms of our commercial projects, capacity is determined by cumulative project value and associated scheduling.  We never over-extend ourselves.

This is 100% a client decision. We are happy to say that we frequently work with leading Local and International Architects, many of whom will subsequently add us to their list of recommended contractors. Conversely, we are able to recommend an architect based on the scope and complexity of the project. We have the ability to work with an architect’s CAD models to ensure the build process is based 100% on signed-off architectural plans.  In addition, we have a strong 3D Visualisation software capability that can augment the architectural plans if required.

When we sit down at a Consultation Meeting with a potential client, we spend a lot of time reviewing project parameters to determine if we are the correct fulfilment organisation for the Client’s vision. We are passionate about what we do and believe that it is important that the project should be stimulating for client and contractor alike. Project variables such as location, design, complexity, size and budget all contribute to the process of ensuring that Le Groupe Venise is the correct company for our clients.

Le Groupe Venise has been in business for over 30 years and has been building luxury homes for over 20 years.

Absolutely. Whilst we offer a turn-key construction contracting service, we have established a reputation within the province – and further afield – as a leading Pool Design & Build and Landscape Architecture company. We would be happy to sit with a client to discuss the vision for their outdoor spaces as we strongly believe these spaces are an integral component of the client’s lifestyle.

We take great care in applying rigorous project management processes to all our projects. This includes the deployment of Cost Management and Project Management software to track all facets of the project lifecycle. The foundation of the Project Budget and Project Schedule should be as important as the foundation of the house itself. As such, we deploy Estimation professionals to create the baseline budget and establish pragmatic project schedules. We operate on an “open book” accounting philosophy to ensure full transparency to our clients.

We are very comfortable working with clients located remotely. We use a combination of weekly reporting, client-approved scheduled progress meetings, technology and effective communication to ensure all stakeholders remain up-to-date on all facets of the project.

Absolutely. We are comfortable acting as Project  Manager and Contractor but, if preferred by the client, we are more than happy to work with their appointed Project Manager.

We are fortunate that many of our clients are willing to act as a reference. However, for privacy and logistics, we usually engage with our previous clients when initial discussions have reached a stage whereby the project is qualified and the experience of the prior client is relevant.